Are you part of the statistic?

Over 400 million vacation days are not taken in the U.S. every year.

On average, every working American leaves two vacation days on the table. The U.S. is the only industrialized country that does not have an established vacation policy.

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The majority of Americans are stressed, bored and tired; even bored and tired from taking the same old, same old, vacation. We are living in a vacation-deprived society!

This is not only affecting overall wellness and happiness, it is also affecting productivity and, most importantly, it’s keeping people away from the breakthroughs and life-changing potential that a travel provides.

Every vacation day that is not taken is a lost opportunity…

  • Lost opportunities to come up with creative ideas to start new businesses or advance careers.
  • Lost opportunities to be inspired, embark on journeys of spiritual discovery or to volunteer and help others.
  • Lost opportunities for love and romance.
  • Lost opportunities for deeper connections between parents and their offspring.
  • Lost opportunities for women to feel free, respected and empowered.
  • Lost opportunities for improving health, for healing, and to encounter excitement and fun.

Over 400 million opportunities are gone forever!

The Power of Vacation is here inspire and empower you to claim your right for time off and to vacation. And most importantly, to turn them into meaningful experiences that will bring happiness and fulfillment to you and to those around you.

“Travel, not to discover places, but to discover yourself.”

-Marco Aguilar