The Power of Vacation, the book

Marco Aguilar is the author of the upcoming book, The Power of Vacation: Keys to the Magic of Intentional Time Off.

The Power of Vacation is an eye-opener for business owners and employers as it looks into current business practices that are affecting employee productivity, overall wellness and happiness.  At the same time, it provides the general public with a renewed vision for their careers, their jobs and their time off.  This is the groundbreaking book that seeks to change America’s corporate culture and time-off mindset, one vacation at a time.

The Power of Vacation brings understanding of the value and benefits of vacations and provides the “why” factor that will prompt the reader to start looking for their next destination in the world and, more significantly, in life.

The Power of Vacation is filled with emotional real-life stories, anecdotes and quotes about how a trip or an event that happened on a trip impacted a person’s life or positively influenced the life of others.

The author, Marco Aguilar, is searching for compelling stories that are inspirational and heartwarming.  Emotional travel stories of the unexpected that paved the way to a life of purpose, fulfillment and happiness.

Do you or someone you know have a travel story to share and serve as inspiration to others?

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