Your Audience Needs a Vacation!

…a meaningful, purpose-driven vacation.


Marco’s bubbly, charismatic and engaging style makes him the perfect guest for T.V., radio and print media interviews.

Beyond describing exotic destinations, five-star resorts or trendy eateries, Marco inspires audiences by focusing on vacation and travel experiences that can be the catalysts of personal growth and transformation.

Marco customizes his message to specific audiences, market segments and demographics, in a fun, educational and entertaining way.

For television segments Marco can provide with breathtaking visuals, as well as perform an interactive “Your Vacation Score” quiz with the show’s host.

Marco is also available for interviews en Español.

Download photos of Marco here.


  • Let Your Passion Be Your Tour Guide
    How to spend your vacation doing the things you dream of
  • Escaping the Vacation Rat Race
    Get out of your rut … try a purpose–driven vacation this year
  • Have a Vacation Conversation with your Boss
    Changing America’s corporate culture one vacation at a time
  • No Vacation Nation
    The scary outlook of a vacation-deprived society
  • 5 Reasons Why Solo Women Should Travel
    …and come back empowered!
  • Let the Parks Be the Sparks… of your Inspiration
    Discovering the awe of our National Parks
  • The Real Park Hopper
    Amusement parks, National Parks and State Parks, all on one trip
  • The Road to Wellness
    Vacations that revitalize, reboot health and rekindle the spirit
  • Vacations that Make a Difference
    Taking time off to engage and help others around the world

  • From Burnout to Breakthrough
    Why You Should be Setting Goals for Your Next Vacation
  • Connect with your Kids on Planes, Trains and Automobiles (and Cruise Ships too!)
    Ideas for trips where you can learn and have a ball
  • Why Business Travel Can Be a Pleasure
    Enjoy new discoveries and inspiration while traveling on the job
  • Disconnect to Reconnect
    Giving technology a break so you can also have a break
  • Vacation is Music to your Ears
    Music lovers vacations that will rock you.
  • On your Marks, Get Set, Go… on Vacation!
    Making sports the focus of your vacation
  • Your Vacation Check-up (T.V. and radio only)
    Discover if you are getting the most out of your time off
    -Live, 3 question, interactive quiz to the show’s host