Give your organization a break!  Bring the magic of intentional time off to your next event.

Beyond describing exotic destinations, five-star resorts or trendy restaurants, Marco inspires audiences by focusing on time-off experiences that can be the catalysts of personal growth and transformation.

Marco’s innovative and thought-provoking programs are ideal for organizations that honestly believe in work-life balance and that advocate for the well-being, happiness and success of their associates.

Even more so, Marco’s talks are perfect for those organizations that are not there yet, but that are ready to take this important leap.

Your associates will be blown away by the fact that you actually brought someone to talk to them about time off and vacation, and will give your team a clear sense of how much they are valued by you and the organization. This typically translates into lower staff turnover and higher loyalty, commitment and results!

More than a one-way lecture, Marco engages and motivates audiences with his powerful message that drives crowds into high gear, both personally and professionally.

Whether corporations, associations, religious groups, Marco customizes his captivating message to specific audiences and organizations.