Journey with Marco

Soon Marco will be announcing his exclusive collection of inspirational journeys.

These alluring trips will be personally escorted by Marco and will be limited to small groups.

Journey with Marco will broaden your mindset and feed your soul, as you start your day with guided meditations, are immersed in the local culture, enjoy lectures by local experts, savor cooking demos by celebrated chefs, participate in hikes lead by local interpreters, rejoice in nature and delight in the human spirit.

You will return from these voyages with a refreshed mind and a rekindled heart, and the best souvenir: a feeling of inspiration, motivation and accomplishment.

Some of the enticing destinations already selected by Marco include the sacred lands of the Incas in Peru, the magical-mystical secrets of Myanmar, and a pilgrimage on the breathtaking Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.

Stay tuned!